Plastic mould design

Maxpla has chosen PROENGINEER Software as the three-dimensional parametric CAD modeller.

The software potential is enhanced by our designers’ experience, always focused on finding the best technical solution for each item and considering the economic issues as well.

Designing a mould means taking into account a large number of variables which may affect both the quality of the moulded parts and the lifetime of the investment.

Specific tailor-made solutions based on customers’ needs, are daily practice at Maxpla.

We do not simply design a mould according to the design of the pieces we receive, but help customers to optimize the final result by taking into account subsequent processing steps (metallization and / or painting if required) or assembly problems with other mechanical or electrical parts.

In this way, we become our customers’ consultants, rather than simply carrying out the construction of the moulds or moulding operations.

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