Micro plastics moulding

Maxpla has increased the range of its services through the use of microprinting systems.
The idea comes from the need of our customers to have high-precision components with very low weights (ES. 0.1 g per piece) and technical materials (ultem – pps – peek).

Microprinting is the ideal solution for molding accuracy, casting weight reduction and easy mold management.

In addition, the cost of the moulds – entirely designed and built by Maxpla – is significantly lowered due to their small size, while maintaining a very high level of quality.
The molds are made of hardened steel with water or resistance cooling, they can have multi cavities with injection to matazza or in a hot room.

This technology has no limits: it is great for large productions but also for small samples or pilot molds; can print the entire plastics family from the PP to the peek.

This is the technology suitable for those who want precision and cost containment.

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